As the one of the most important parts of Commocore, this is a place for Commodore 64 related, open source projects we're working on and we want to share with the whole community.

You'll find here some useful libraries, PCBs, tutorials, videos, external links and some "make your life easier while coding" series. Everything is free to share, and the repository is still growing!

Test your code within any cross-assembler of your choice. Make assertions, test sets of data, mock your methods, all in one unit test framework. Make your code better, and simply enjoy developing!
Petscii is a tiny PHP library which converts text to PETSCII format. With this package, you can prepare your website to be fully compatible with web browsers available on Commodore 64 / 128 connected to internet via one of existing ethernet cartridges: 64NIC+The Final EthernetRR-Net or other. You can even surf the web using an emulator.
Shortest pathfinding written in 6510 assembly (8-bit version for Commodore 64/128) using A* (A-star) algorithm.
6502 JSON Parser is a library created to parse valid JSON objects, written in 6502 assembly for Commodore 64, or any other 6502/6510 8-bit machine.
In this repository you'll find few handy hints and config files how to organize your development environment on Notepad++, especially with 64tass cross-assembler but not only...
Experimental shortest pathfinding written in 6510 assembly (8-bit version for Commodore 64) using custom algorithm.
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