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Have you ever had an idea to stay offline on your C64? Forget about it and go buy an ethernet card! CommodoRex is a game where you're able to send your scores online and compete with others!


  • HTTP-Load 2 library by Doc Bacardi from The Dreams
  • added POST method support
  • includes 6502 JSON Parser, our open source project

Demo version is not available
This is an experimental project, and the goal is to enable the possibility for C64 to communicate with REST API web services.

At the moment CommodoRex is in testing phase, with 64NIC+ ethernet card (in RR-Net mode).

You can have a sneak peak to see the Hall of Rexes hi-score table which gets the best scores straight from the Commodore 64 already from all players over the world. Just visit Player's hi-scores from CommodoRex game.

January 2020 update: Game is currently in alpha version.

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